Ridiculous Generosity – A Kingdom Principle

When you hear the word generosity? What first comes to mind? What if it's more than just money?

When you think about generosity, what first comes to mind? Money, I bet! That’s a brilliant answer, but I believe there is more to generosity than finances. I love the Christian culture. When someone mentions a financial need, God’s people meet that need with ridiculous generosity. It reminds me of a time when Moses called […]

Investing in Others Reaps High Rewards

By investing in others, you'll reap a higher dividend than if you just invest in financial gain. Stay passionate, stay curious, stay humble.

I volunteered with the Red Cross as a teenager. working with senior citizens. I acted as their Companion-for-the-Day as I escorted them through the local zoo. I was fascinated by the contrasts in the people I served. Some seniors wanted no interaction with me at all. They just looked at me as somebody who was […]