Who are You Representing and to Whom?

Just who are you representing and to whom

Just who are you representing and to whom? Good questions to ask! 2 Corinthians 5:17 is a favourite of most Christians because it talks about our identity in Christ – but what if it’s not all about us? I invite you to watch my latest YouTube video! It’s all about reconciliation, seeing others through the […]

Savour the Gift of the Moment

Several years ago, an exceptionally hectic and challenging season forced me to postpone Christmas shopping until December 23. Trying to shop in crowded malls with a minimal budget frustrated me. On the 24th, after a long, crowded Greyhound bus ride, I forced my way into my hometown’s bus terminal, lugging wobbly luggage behind me. There […]

Judas Had Enough

At what point did Judas think to himself, "That's enough Jesus, you've gone too far this time!"

At what point did Judas think to himself, “That’s enough Jesus, you’ve gone too far this time!” I believe Judas was not purely evil – no person starts out as such – but at one point, he turned his affections away from his Rabbi and gave into bitterness, which eventually led to his act of […]

A Bitter Heart Will Kill You Long Before You Die

A bitter heart will kill you long before you die.

A bitter heart will kill you long before you die. Deal with unforgiveness, resentment and jealousy before their poisons eat you from the inside out. If you have spent months and even years caught up in a spiral of negative thoughts toward others, it’s time to seek help. If you are caught up in a […]

Living a Life of Thanks

If you learn the art of daily thanks-living, you’ll be guarding your heart against hardness. Without it, you open yourself to spiritual decay.

How does someone keep their heart from hardening when bad things happen? They embrace the daily practice of giving thanks. I don’t know all the answers. However, I have seen thankfulness as a significant thread in the lives of many of my spiritual mentors. They all learned the benefits of living a life of intentional […]

Walk Like You’re Worthy

Dare to ask God big questions. "Am I making life decisions based on who You say I am, or am I making decisions to spite what others have said I am?"

If you are gauging your self-worth and identity on what others have done to you, said to you or called you in your past or what others might say about you in the future, then you are sentencing yourself to a life of anxiety, second-guessing yourself and confusion. God is our source of identity, he […]