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I am truly blessed by your interest in partnering with I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries, the host ministry of “I Lift My Eyes Devotionals”

To find out more about this ministry, please read “about us”.

To find out what others are saying about us, please visit: “What Others Are Saying”.

Before you donate, please read on:

Donations are not tax-deductible, therefore no receipt outside of the usual PayPal receipt will be issued as we are not a registered charity.

All funds donated will go towards keeping this web ministry running online. Katherine cannot receive financial gifts due to strict restrictions placed by her government disability pension.


One Time Gift:

If you don’t have a PayPal account but do have a credit card, click on the ‘no PayPal account’ link toward the bottom left on the page that the above button will lead you.

By clicking on the ‘no PayPal account, it will lead you on to the next page will allow you to use your credit card, don’t forget to choose your nation first before filling in your address, the nations are listed in a scroll down menu at the top of that page!

A few people asked for special subscription links and here they are:

Special Subscriptions

Subscription Options
Note to Katherine

Canadians without a Paypal account, please please Contact Us

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